The DWAF thank you trip - a message from our social secretary

Sunday 24 March 2019

I hope you will all agree with me Wigan is a very enjoyable place to go drinking, with good value and generally good beer to suit many tastes, and lots of pie shops!

However, I wish to apologise to anyone seriously upset that due to motorway closures we were dropped off at our pick-up destinations a little later than anticipated.

Our driver took steps to avoid the biggest traffic hold-ups caused by the demolition of a bridge and other assorted road works considerably over running their completion.

While this was a bit frustrating, we were always moving homeward and Bob the driver managed to shave over an hour off his sat nav's first estimated time of arrival home.

As with all trips I like to think where ever we go, we responsibly and favourably represent CAMRA and the West Midlands. Included in that I thought consideration to your fellow traveller was an automatic thing. Sadly on this occasion, some comments made were upsetting to other members on the coach trip.

If any person wishes to travel on any future trip or excursion may I remind them that regardless of having had a drink(or several) aggressive, abusive or disruptive language or behaviour will not be tolerated and lead to future exclusion from events. I am now considering to what extent I now wish to be involved in organizing such trips.

Having said that, I hope you all had a good time.

Cheers and happy drinking

Jacqui E,Social Secretary