Dudley Winter Ales Fayre - thank you trip

Saturday 21 March 2020

This is our scheduled date for the thank you trip, for all those who assist/assisted with the 2019 Dudley Winter Ales Fayre festival.

We plan to go to Leek in Staffordshire. For those who volunteered and put "yes" or "tentative" to the trip, Jacqui will be in contact to confirm placings. However, you're welcome to confirm your intentions at moc.liamg@armacyeldudiuqcaj, or you can call her on 07939 480 746.

The current plans for the coach pick up are:

10:00 Stourbridge, opposite the bus station

10:15 Flood Street, Dudley

10:30 Carters Green, West Bromwich by the Post Office, opposite the clock tower.

This trip is also open to non volunteers at the cost of £10 per person.