Branch Diary

Branch Meeting and Social Events

Here is the branch diary of meetings and social events for the next few months.

  • DWAF set up meeting Monday 18 November 2019 Park Inn, Woodsetton

    The FINAL organisation meeting, prior to the go-live for DWAF. All are welcome.

  • Christmas branch meeting Monday 9 December 2019 20:00 Old Bush Revived, Blackheath

    We'll be having the Christmas Branch Meeting (with extra chip butty goodness) at the Old Bush Revived.

  • Dudley Winter Ales Fayre - Inquest Monday 20 January 2020 20:00 Park Inn, Woodsetton

    Debriefing and inquest in the success of DWAF 2019.

  • Coseley scoring social Wednesday 22 January 2020 19:30 Coseley Cricket Club, Coseley

    The Coseley Scoring Social. We'll be meeting at Coseley Cricket Club, then the Old Chainyard, Apple Tree, New Inn.

  • Branch meeting Monday 27 January 2020 Bell, Brierley Hill
  • Dudley Winter Ales Fayre - thank you trip Saturday 21 March 2020

    This is our scheduled date for the thank you trip, for all those who assist/assisted with the 2019 Dudley Winter Ales Fayre festival.

    Details will be confirmed in early 2020.

  • Dudley Winter Ales Fayre Thursday 28 – Saturday 30 November 2019 Dudley Town Hall

    Our biggest event of the year: the Dudley Winter Ales Fayre. Click to our link on the left hand of the page for all the latest news.